Purpose-led Programs

It’s time. Do you continue to take the well-trodden path on the left? Or, is now the time to take the less travelled path to the right?

In partnership with QuoLux™ two leadership programs have been developed and piloted with owner-managers you to support in the journey on the right path.

Purpose-led Leadership

Purpose-led Leadership is vital in establishing and generating Good Dividends that enable businesses to be a force for good and make the world a better place.

Purpose-led Business

A twelve-month program that provides the time and space to establish how to make a purpose-led business become a reality.

Resource Library


Various articles, chapters and videos linked to the Good Dividends and responsible leadership are available here.


As the collaboratory develops we shall provide summaries, case studies and white papers.

Digital Tools

Good Dividends has developed a number of digital tools to ease the transition to a purpose-led business. The tools can be used multiple times in order to 'measure' change over time.

As well as providing you with leadership and organisation-specific insight, data is collected and anonymised as part of the Good Dividends project to provide big data. This information will be available as part of a collaboratory approach to support us all.

Additional Programs

Good Dividends’ partner QuoLux  offer many industry-leading leadership programs and courses that have been helped and supported hundreds of business people for over 10 years.

  • Leadership Development

    For more information on leadership programs and courses click here.

  • How-Tos

    For more information about the extensive e-library to develop employees’ and managers’ skills click here.

Good Dividends Community

"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it" - Margaret Fuller

Good Dividends is committed to sharing information in an interactive way.

The community enables information to be shared as well as questions asked of the community.

Additional Material

  • 3Ps

    Find our more about the People, Planet and Profit approach to doing business.
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  • Partners

    Our primary partners are QuoLux™ and Regenerative Alliance.
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