to make the world a better place

Business has the potential to be the greatest mechanism on the planet to enhance humanity, if it can galvanise purpose-led leadership to generate Good Dividends.

Society needs more from business. Creating a future by going beyond ‘business as usual’ and developing a purpose is of paramount importance for all. The threats to humanity cannot be solved by governments alone. Good Dividends is for leaders who wish to embrace a purpose-led approach as a better way of doing business for people, the planet and their communities whilst boosting the bottom-line.

If we say that a country and a company are ‘entities’ then of the 200 largest entities in the world, 150 are companies. Businesses have an important role to play alongside governments in tackling the major issues facing humanity. Businesses cannot leave it to governments alone.

Our purpose is to #InspireChange to make the world a better place by helping to realise purpose-led leadership to sustainably grow businesses as a force for good to enhance people, planet and profit.

Good Dividends. Working with leaders to build businesses that help regenerate the world.

Good Dividends

a force for good

What our clients say

Excited and perplexed

Sam Kandiyali, Director, Target PR

When we were first introduced to Good Dividends we were excited and a little perplexed. Excited because we understood and believed in the framework and wanted to know more. Perplexed as we stopped to consider how do we, a communication agency, support each of the dividends identified?

Good Dividends has also prompted my own thinking with the exploration of PR and purpose.

There is more to work...

Luke Freeman, Joint-CEO, MF Freeman Group

There is more to work than making money. As a Board, we asked ourselves, "How does engaging with Good Dividends help our business?"

Working with peers

Chris Mayne, MD, Forsberg Services Ltd

Working with peers in other organisations provides a trusted network with a fresh and independent view of the business and answering their questions helps refine and better articulate the strategic goals.

The future of business leadership

Jamie Phillips, Sales Director, Fintek

Working through the purpose lead leadership program helps focus my thinking and bring new ideas for both personal and business development. One of the best things is getting other managers views on things you struggle with. More often than not they have been where you are and can help guide you towards the light. Would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants their eyes opened. This is the future of business leadership!

Identifying purpose

Justin Young, Operations Director, Cotteswold Diary

For a family business, identifying with a ‘Purpose’ goes beyond a set of corporate objectives and performance measures. Social and Ethical values should be at the core of any substantiality program. Good Dividends is a value-adding process demonstrating responsible leadership to the business stakeholder community.

Good Dividends has helped us to reposition the business

Luke Freeman, Joint-CEO, MF Freeman Group

Good Dividends has helped us to reposition housing development obligations to become a marketing tool, promoting what we are doing in the community to enhance schools, highways and infrastructure. A Good Dividends approach is enhancing our company’s reputation and brand.

An enlightening experience

Chris Mayne, MD, Forsberg Services Ltd

I find the journey to discover what really motivates me and the business, an enlightening experience. The Purpose-led leadership program, brings forward some key aspects of our business activities that are having a positive impact on the business but the benefits were not realised in such a way that it was obvious to all stakeholders.

Good Dividends is a new model of business

The core idea of the Good Dividends is that all businesses can develop 6 areas of value

When all 6 are connected in a circle of value, Good Dividends are realised. 

Businesses that do this outperform the market.

What our partners say

It's regenerative

Dr Randall Zindler

The Good Dividends framework has (regenerative) value creation at its core. Yes, it is a theory of change, but it does not stop there. It provides leaders with a model by thoughtfully designed tools that are implemented via a coherent process.

Grand challenges

Dr Randall Zindler

Today, more and more business leaders acknowledge the grand challenges of our time, and ideas o how their businesses are strategically engaging with them come to mind. But they then often face a big hurdle or question - what would need to change, and how? They wonder 'Can our firm perform better and in ways that bring less harm and more good to society and ecology?'

It's regenerative

Dr Randall Zindler

Leaning on the Good Dividends enables a leader to critically reflect on the 'why' of the real purpose of their business and provides a path to release value in ways beyond themselves and beyond financial profit. This is why the Regenerative Alliance the Good Dividends approach into its initiatives and indeed, thinking.

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