Good Dividends has developed a series of digital tools. 

The tools provide the user with the opportunity to print and/or save the results as a PDF.

The data is stored, but will only be shared anonymously for the purpose of academic research.

To access these tools you will need to enrol on this website (free of charge).  When using the tools you may be prompted to provide some additional information which is for ongoing research. For example, to be able to compare sectors, or the size of business or between countries and track changes through time.

A Set of Integrated Tools

An integrated system of tools to realise Good Dividends and the SDGs:

Leadership Mirror – To understand your leadership orientation with regard to self, the organisation and society. All three need to be aligned and in balance to bring the weight of leadership into enabling the pursuit of Good Dividends and the SDGs.

Good Dividend Business Evaluation - To understand the practices and competencies within the business needed to realise Good Dividends and the SDGs.

Good Dividends Value Tracker – To understand what value is being realised from the practices and competencies in the business.

Good Dividend SDG Dashboard – To understand which SDGs align with your business and measure progress in realising value for humanity and the business.

Digital Tools