SDG 8 recognises the importance of sustained economic growth and high levels of economic productivity for creating well-paid quality jobs and resource efficiency in consumption and production.

It calls for opportunities for full employment and decent work for all, the eradication of forced labour, human trafficking and child labour, and the promotion of labour rights and safe and secure working environments.

How can we pursue SDG8?

Creating decent jobs is one of the fundamental ways that businesses support economic growth and sustainable development, but it is also how they drive their own future development.

Delivering on SDG8 will require more companies to take a proactive approach to embed a more inclusive and sustainable growth model (see Good Dividends).

Actions may include:

•   Promote decent work within your organisation and your suppliers

  1. Acceptable payment
  2. A formal job with rights
  3. Safe working conditions
  4. Fair work with normal working conditions
  5. A job that pays a living wage, not just a minimum wage
  6. Equality for men and women

•   Be a conscious consumer (in business and personal life). If something is cheap, it is likely to hurt people or the planet in some way.

•   Buy from local producers. Support local economic growth by choosing to buy from local producers and businesses.

•   Establish a company policy against unfair hiring and recruitment practices based on gender, race, disability and modern slavery.

•   Do invest in the professional development of all employees, not just upper management.

•   Put into place strategies to identify and combat child and forced labour across the supply chain.

•   If applicable, create fair pay, working conditions, and opportunities for professional growth for your company’s workers in developing countries.

SDG8 aims to "Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all".

It has associated aims that include:
  • Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation

  • Promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation

  • Improve progressively global resource efficiency in consumption and production and endeavour to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation

  • Achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including for young people and persons with disabilities, and equal pay for work of equal value

  • Substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training

  • Take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking and secure the prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labour

  • Protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers, including migrant workers, in particular women migrants

  • Devise and implement policies to promote sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products

Purpose-led Leadership

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